Gargoyle - The Sentry

Draft to a RPG compatible with the Storyteller-Systems by White Wolf

by Nephros

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of gothic darkness
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Introductory note:

this project has died. it will not be updated anymore.
this is because it ran for about one year and no-one sent me feedback.
i am so disappointed that i am siting in a dark chamber _right now_, crying and reading a ´Shannara´ novel (is that self-abasement or what?).
if you find it good enough to be continued, send some email.

these are just some thoughts about a setting in the gothic-punk-universe invented and brought to life by White Wolf. I do not plan to write a whole new sourcebook, I just wanted to develop a society that can be used as an addition to any of the published systems, i.e. as inspiration for a campaign, or development of a new NPC etc.

It is so far in a, say, foetal stadium, but I have somehow been forced to place it here as soon as possible, so I sat down and started to decypher what I had scribbled on some genetics script in that inspired night in March 97, typed it in and wrapped it in what I know about HTML.
And a foetal stadium also means that is grows faster than you would think, and might become something really beautiful.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to add any thought that crosses his mind while reading this via email, especially about the passages marked with "(???)". Ahm, well, almost any thought. (Read: constructive and pleasing thoughts accepted only.)
All contrubutions that are granted usage in the draft by or are inspiring to me will be mentioned in the credits.

This is the English version. A German one will not follow unless requested by sheer force.

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by Nephros, last update June 26, 1999