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So you want to know about me...

I feel this is not the place for some personal homepage, a thing of which I have no iidea what it is for. Here´s a short description of me, like the one you´d find on the back of some book. And like those, this decsription too has nothing to do with my real person.
If you really want to know about me, ascend to the Olymp and meet me there. Still, my behaviour there will have nothing to do with my real person.
But then, who needs reality and real persons anyway.

Nephros, also known as Peter Gantner, was born March 7, 1976. He grew up in Innsbruck and now lives in Graz as a student of the natural sciences.
His work is equally genious as it is unknown, which might have to do with its unpublishedness, but most likely it´s just because
real artists aquire honor and fame after they are dead.

Finally, to write something cryptic that really says something about me (though I can never be sure what exactly...) :

I am a fish and a snake.
I am a mistle and an onion.
I lack motivation and consequence.
And below the mists I know
lies Golden Gate.

by Nephros, last update June 26, 1997