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The 5 Ps

The Five Ps are: People, Parties, Places, Pictures.
Here you will find some pictures of some people at some parties at some places I have been with, at and at, respectively. Unless you have been there too, those are probably quite non-interesting to you.

> Places  <-- New stuff added 2007-09!

As for myself, well I guess every personal homepage needs some crappy pictures of their authors somewhere, so I did my best to find the worst. But I'm a nice person, so the pics of the other people are quite nice.

Updated: Here is a new photo which my Co-worker Ingo took at work. As you can see, I am enjoying it very much.
Doing Tech Support does that to you.

One of those three is me! And this too. Here is an even crappier one.
This is my very lovely Re-Ex Chrissi. And this is my brother posing. By the way, he now has his own little area on my page here.
A rather stupid but nonetheless successful internet project called sperrstunde.at caught me and my friend Artur (MD) drinking beer.

Things I do and feel.

A long time ago I was a student of Biology at KF University Graz. As of winter 2008 I took up a new curriculum called Computational Sciences. That's a mix of maths, computing/programming and natural sciences and a lot of fun.

As a day job I work part-time as Unix and CAD Systems Administrator at Magna Steyr., which I have been doing full-time for the past five or so years.

For professional information please refer to my CV page.

In my free time I do all kinds of things with Linux (which has something to do with computers), play Neverwinter Nights (which is a great game), enjoy SCUBA diving (if you don't do it you have no idea how great it is), Ski tours and hiking, practicing the martial art of Taijiquan, cooking, writing poetry and lyrics (which sometimes even does not suck), and play the bass guitar. Recently I started learning how to play the theremin, and I am aspiring to one time master the ancient asian game of Go (Weichi).

A couple of years ago I started the habit of doing a very british thing called Pub Quizzes. You can find some pictures and other information at the site of my team, the Evil Scotsmen.

Oh yes, and I read a lot. And I mean a lot. Preferably Science Fiction, some semi-scientific stuff, those novels about depressed and successful young people that have become more and more popular, the occasional weirdness from the internet printed out and the like.
My fondness of reading is also why I very much endorse Bookcrossing which is a free and fun global book sharing community.

I do not enjoy getting up before 9:00 am, watching people leave in trains, cable TV, and card games. But those are the only things.

Assorted facts et cetera.

In the year 2003 I am 27 years old, which means I was born in 1976, the year the Olympic Winter Games were hosted for the second time in my home town of Innsbruck, the first supercomputer Cray-I and the first Laser Printer were built, 600.000 Chinese were killed in an earthquake, the Russian probe Lunar24 brought back moon rocks and the US Viking 1 landed and Viking 2 beamed back photos from Mars. Apple Computer, The Clash (and Punk Rock) and Microsoft were founded, the Seveso incident happened, Chinese leader Mao Tse-tung died, Niki Lauda had his terrible accident, filming of Star Wars began, Ulrike Meinhof killed herself in prison, Palestinians hijacked a plane and flew it to Entebbe, where they were killed by Israeli commandos, and Terry Pratchetts The Dark Side of the Sun was published.

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