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14 Sep 2004
Even more exciting news!
Klaus writes his second report on recent developments. Read it here (in German again).
Again, he provided some pictures to go with it: one | two.
12 Sep 2004
Interlude: What Canadians supposedly do in winter.
I have found a series of sensational documentary pictures depicting one of the many popular pastimes in Canada: Ice Fishing.
Take a look at them here.
3 Sep 2004
Klaus reports his first impressions and accomplishments.
Read his "Bericht #1" email here (in German). He reports about his arrival and first few days in Toronto, including a disoriented wakeup, meeting old friends and good coffee, a ball game (Jays/Yankees 6:3), travels, bureaucratic nuisances that turn out to be half as bad as expected, and the first few days at the new university.
There's also these two pictures to go with it!
28 Aug 2004
Departure from Munich Airport
Hundreds of crying young girls and relieved men are expected to attend this happening.
21 Aug 2004


at Gramartstrasse 21c
6020 Innsbruck
17 Aug 2004
His birthday! Yes, Klaus is now officially 26 years old!

Incidentially, it is also the birthday of this little page.

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