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Here I list several ways to contact me.
Some of the Information, like my street address and phone number are accessible only after entering a password. I am sure you will understand.
These are ordered by how often I check them. Choose any you like!

Work email:
Private emails: peterspambait @nephros.org  
  nephrosspambait @gmail.com  
  nephrosspambait @users.sourceforge.net  
  nephrosspambait @sdf-eu.org  
Dead addresses: peterspambait.gantner @magnasteyr.com dead as of 2011-07 peterspambait.gantner @stud.uni-graz.at dead as of 2005-12-XX
  spambaitpgantner @pidas.com dead as of 2005-09-XX
  peterspambait.gantner @kfunigraz.ac.at dead as of around 1999.
GPG/PGP Signature:
You can download my GPG public key either from nephros.org, from MITs public key server (USA), or from pgp.net (EU).

Key ID: 0xA0825C67
Key fingerprint: 7169 F6A8 E45B 102B ED7D 96BB 48CD 4FC3 A082 5C67

In case you don't know what this is, you should really read up on GPG and PGP it and start using strong encryption, for your, my and everyone elses benefit.
Instant messaging
 MSN icon MSN Messenger: Alias: nephros, Screen Name: the gmail address above
 ICQ icon ICQ: #237928941
 Skype icon Skype: nephros
 Jabber Icon Jabber: Name: nephros, Server: jabber.sdf.org
Telephone, snail mail address and route descriptions:
>> Password-protected link
If you telnet to olymp.idle.at, you may find me there too, under the account name Nephros.

As you might have noticed, I happen to cling to my alias "nephros" quite consistently.
Therefore, if you encounter one nephros somewhere else like IRC or a Forum, chances are it's boring old me all over again.

Til then, see ya!

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